Blankensee, Germany

In Germany, Phoslock is sold under the tradename Bentophos.

The application of Phoslock/Bentophos to the Blankensee was undertaken by the Phoslock licensee for Germany, Bentophos GmbH, in December 2009.  The project, which involved the application of 66 tonnes of Phoslock to the lake, was jointly funded by the Federal State of Schleswig Holstein and the City of Lübeck

The Blankensee is a shallow lake located immediately to the south of Lübeck Airport in Northern Germany with a maximum depth of 2.7m and a surface area of 22.5 hectares.  Water quality in the lake had deteriorated over many years as a result of high nutrient inputs from surrounding agricultural land, waste water and the neighbouring airport.  Although these inputs have now been controlled, internal phosphorus loadings in the lake remained high and the lake has frequently suffered from intensive blue green algal blooms.

The application of Phoslock/Bentophos was designed to bind approximately 600 kg of phosphorus from both the water column and sediments.

Application of Phoslock at BlankenseeApplication of Phoslock at Blankensee 2