Silbersee, Germany

In Germany, Phoslock is sold under the tradename Bentophos.

The Silbersee is a 7 hectare recreational lake near the German city of Bremen which was treated with 21.5 tonnes of Phoslock/Bentophos in November 2006. The lake was one of the first lakes in Germany to be treated with Phoslock/Bentophos and consequently is one of the earliest European case studies.

The lake is surrounded by agricultural fields and a camping site and for many years prior to the application had been regularly closed to recreational users during the summer months due to heavy blooms of blue green algae caused primarily by a high internal phosphorus load in the lake. The aim of the application was therefore to reduce this internal load and prevent the reoccurrence of major blue green algal blooms.

Since the application, phosphorus levels have been reduced significantly and the lake has remained open to recreational users without interruption.  A small re-application of 4 tonnes of Phoslock/Bentophos was undertaken in November 2009 to capture new inputs of phosphorus.

Loading of Phoslock pallet onto pontoon at SilberseePhoslock being applied at SilberseeRecreation at Silbersee


Downloadable documents:

Brochure about the application at Silbersee (pdf icon English 571 Kb)

Final report February 2008 (pdficon_small.gif English 328Kb, German 240Kb)

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