Het Groene Eiland

overview picture on het groene eilandThe lake at the "Het Groene Eiland" camping park near the town of Appeltern in the Netherlands was treated with eleven tonnes of Phoslock on the 16th and 17th of April 2008. A second application of 3.1 tons were applied on the 31st of March 2009 to bind phosphorus unaccounted for in the first application.

The lake was formerly part of "De Gouden Ham", a large bay which itself used to be an arm of the River Maas. The two water bodies were separated in February 2008 when a series of dams were built between them in an effort to prevent nutrient rich water from "De Gouden Ham" entering "Het Groene Eiland". The newly formed lake has a surface area of approximately 5.3 hectares and a total water volume of 130,000 m³.

The aim of the Phoslock application was to reduce the incidence of blue green algal blooms by removing 31 kg and 110 kg of phosphorus from respectively the available nutrient pool of both the water column and the releasable fraction of the sediment for the entire lake.

The first results of the application are summarized in the downloadable report. The application of Phoslock® to "Het Groene Eiland" has reduced the overall availability of phosphorus to the phytoplankton biomass which in turn has increased the transparency of the water. This effect became most pronounced visually when comparing the water of "Het Groene Eiland" with the untreated water of "De Gouden Ham" during the summer of 2008. The lake has remained open for recreational use without interruption since the application of Phoslock.

Building of dams in background at Het Groen EilandConstruction of dams at Het Groene EilandArrival of pontoons at Het Groene EilandLoading of pontoon with pallet of PhoslockLoading of pontoon with second pallet of PhoslockApplication of Phoslock at Het Groene Eiland 1Phoslock application at Het Groene Eiland 2Difference between inside Het Groene Eiland and outside at 5 september 2008Het Groene Eiland (left) versus De Gouden Ham (right)

Downloadable documents:

Brochure about the application at Het Groene Eiland (pdf icon english 901Kb)

Report on Het Groene Eiland November 2008 (pdf icon english 844Kb dutch 842 Kb)

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