Eichbaumsee, Germany


Eichbaumsee is a 24 hectare recreational lake in the Hamburg suburb of Bergedorf in Germany, which had been permanently closed for recreational use in the three years prior to the application due to continuous blooms of toxic algae (mainly Microcystis and Aphinozomenon). Previous measures undertaken in order to to solve this problem, including an application of 115 tonnes aluminium sulphate, destratification and deep water aeration, were unsuccesful.

Bentophos GmbH, Phoslock Water Solutions' licensee for Germany, was commissioned by the BSU Hamburg ("Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt") to treat the lake with Phoslock (sold in Germany under the tradename Bentophos). The treatment with 148 ton Phoslock/Bentophos took place in the second half of November 2010.