Behlendorfer See, Germany

Aerial image on BehlendorferseeBathymetric map of BehlendorferseeHypolimnetic Phoslock injection on BehlendorferseeOutlet of hopperInterview at Behlendorfersee


The largest application of Phoslock/Bentophos to date took place on the 63 hectare Behlendorfer See near the town of Ratzeburg in Northern Germany in December 2009, shortly before the entire lake froze for the winter.  The application was undertaken by Bentophos GmbH.

The treatment involved the application of 214 tonnes of Phoslock (marketed as Bentophos in Germany).  The material was applied only to a surface area of the lake of approximately 40 hectares which corresponds to the area of the lake which is deeper than 7m. 

The aim of the application was to remove 550 kg of phosphorus from the water column and 1,400 kg of immediately and potentially releasable phosphorus from the sediments. 

Phoslock loaded onto pontoon by cranePhoslock bulk bag loaded into hopperbehlendorfersee13-213.jpg