Bitte beachten Sie, dass das international unter der Bezeichnung “Phoslock” vertriebene Produkt in Deutschland ausschließlich unter der Bezeichnung „Bentophos“ und von der Bentophos GmbH vertrieben wird.

Serpentine, UK

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The Serpentine is one of the most famous water bodies in the UK and a London landmark.  Located within Hyde Park -  (the Long Water is located in Kensington Gardens), the 16 ha lake is a popular venue for millions of visitors each year for swimming, rowing and recreational boating. The Serpentine receives phosphorus inputs from many sources.

In an effort to reduce phosphorus levels, the agency responsible for the management of the lake, The Royal Parks, commissioned Phoslock Europe to undertake an application of Phoslock (Bentophos in Deutschland) to the lake.  The treatment took place between February 26 and 1 March 2012, and involved the application of more than 66 tonnes of Phoslock (Bentophos in Deutschland) to both the Serpentine and Long Water (the area of the lake within Kensington Gardens). 

In addition to Phoslock (Bentophos in Deutschland), The Royal Parks is undertaking a number of other measures aimed at improving the long-term water quality of the lake including relocating larger fish, aeration, sourcing water from additional boreholes and installing reed beds.

Hyde Park is located in the heart of London in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace, Mayfair and Park Lane.



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